Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Halloween up here in Alaska is cold, wet, and actually kinda creepy! With the sun setting at 5:00 p.m and a constant breeze howling through the Sitka Spruce, it made a near perfect backdrop for the Trunk or Treat. Our Halloween adventure began with mom wrestling Kael into his Ninja costume, which he now likes very much... ...not so much when he was pleading with Mom to the camera down and wipe the silly makeup off of his face. He had a great time Trick or Treating it up and actually got to eat some of his candy before dad ate it all. If you look carefully at the mirror in the background you can see the kitchen from the living room in our 1 room studio apartment. Its teenie, but it only takes an hour to clean the entire house!

We took Kael to the Trunk or Treat at the local LDS church where they were also hosting a chili cook-off. We parked our Scion, all decked out in Halloweenish trunk decorations, right next to the cook-off tent for maximum chili access. A trip around the parking lot and a few hundred bowls of chili later we decided to get out of the rain and enjoy our loots!

Catch-up time!!

I suppose I'm either too late or too early for a New Years resolution, so I'll tag my decision to actually put stuff on the blog semi-rarely as a New President resolution, being the 4th of November and all.

I'll start off my procrastination induced shamble back through time with a few recent pictures from our visit to the Mendenhall Glacier, about 4 miles up the road from our house.

Monday, July 14, 2008

It Starts

Hello all,

While pondering our recent decision to leave the continental U.S. I realized that we will be moving out of range of unannounced visits and, more importantly, our ability for leaving junk at our parents house will be significantly reduced. In light of these events, I figure it is high time we find a place to leave our junk online. Enjoy our Junk!